What is a Managed Web Solution?

A managed web solution is the concept that everything about your website is completely hands-off. Sites By Heroes believes that a business owner should not be forced to learn web development (unless you want to). We also believe you shouldn't be gouged by web agencies for thousands of dollars (just to be unhappy).

You should manage your business, and have a worry-free website. This is our goal. You will be given a dashboard, where you can manage everything. Updating your website is as simple as filling out a 3 line form, and BOOM! the changes are made for you in 24-hours. It's that simple!

In future releases, we will be adding addons, where you can manage things like email marketing, accounting, time-tracking, business analytics, and more.

No More: Remembering Hosting Accounts, Remembering Domain Logins, Expensive Designers, Multiple Logins

Your Business, Your Cloud, Your 1-Stop-Shop

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